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    SEFOS configuration to connect a 24 port NEM to a Cisco Router

      Hi - In need some configuration advice realting the Swtich ethethern 24 port Nem card for a B6000.
      The Uplink ports are not connecting.
      See Below.
      Ex0/1 up, line protocol is down (not connect)
      Bridge Port Type: Customer Bridge Port

      Hardware Address is 00:21:28:f2:85:55
      MTU 9216 bytes, Full duplex, 10 Gbps, No-Negotiation
      HOL Block Prevention enabled.
      Input flow-control is off,output flow-control is off

      The port config is :-
      interface extreme-internet 0/1
      no shutdown
      no negotaiation
      speed 1000
      dot1x port-control auto
      spanning-tree portfast
      swtichport mode trunk