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    Folder Structure Archiving: exporting folder structure + content

      I would like to copy a part of an existing folder structure (with included contents) from a production UCM 11g instance (I'm using Folder_g) to a development instance (using a tar of the newly created archive).
      I'm trying to use Folder Structure Archiving component.
      I'm using the guide:
      Now, I successfully executed step 6. of " Creating a Folder Structure Archive".
      However if I list on filesystem the newly created archive, what can I only see is the archive.hda file (...without references to selected folders) and no contents.
      Contents was exported?...if yes, where I can found them?...if no, how can I export them?
      What I expected to have is a "regular" archive as produced by the Archiver tool...
      I'm missing something?

      Any helps will be greatly appreciated.
      Thank you.
      Best regards.