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    Oracle Ops Center blog?

      Does anyone from Oracle write a blog on Ops Center? I see the OEM blog (https://blogs.oracle.com/oem/) has occasional references to OC but I can't find a blog for just OC. And are there any third-party blogs on OC?

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          don't know about a blog, but there's a facebook page for ops center http://www.facebook.com/OracleOpsCenter
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            Thanks for the info. I'll have to check when I get home. My workplace blocks Facebook. And Twitter, and any kind of streaming info, and ....
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              Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center is part of Oracle Enterprise Manager family . Oracle Enterprise Manager Blog at https://blogs.oracle.com/oem/ covers Ops Center as well. Oracle Enterprise manager Ops Center VP Steve Wilson has a Ops Center specific blog at https://blogs.oracle.com/stevewilson/ . Some already mentioned the facebook page for Ops Center .

              You can stay connected with Oracle Enterprise Manager including the Ops Center in the following channels :

              Twitter :

              Facebook :

              Youtube :

              LinkedIn :

              Oracle Newsletter :
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                An excellent list of resources. Thanks!
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                  It's nice that we can stay connected in so many ways. It's too bad that, as someone else pointed out, most of them are blocked by workplaces these days. I can't remember the last time that I worked anywhere that allowed Facebook access, or Twitter, or Youtube, or ANY kind fo social media. It doesn't bother me personally, I loathe "social media" and greatly prefer forums like this one and plain old blogs. But any company who drinks too much of the kool-aid and believes that concentrating on social media is any kind of real customer relations strategy is going to have a sad wake-up call.