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    How to modify ADF Faces Query component when using JPA as model layer ?


      I had a question regarding using ADF Faces component with JPA. We have to use JPA as the model componment for our ADF application, instead of ADF BC.

      Now, in ADF Faces we want to create a Search page, which will have the ADF "query component" and the model layer will be JPA entities. Our requirement is to modify the behavior of the ADF Faces query component.

      The following things we want to modify:
      1) By default, the ADF query component has the same set of queriable attributes in "Basic" and "Advanced" search mode.
           How to have different sets of queriable attributes in Basic/Advanced search mode, i.e Advanced search mode would support some additional queriable attributes ?

      2) In Advanced search mode, the ADF query component has a predefined set of operators for a particular search field type.
      For Example: "String" types allow "Equals", "Does Not Equal", "Contains", "Does Not Contain" operators etc.

           How to modify the allowed operations a particular field type, i.e. add/remove supported operators ?

      We know ADF BC allows some level of customization in query criteria through "Named Criteria".

           How to customize the "query criteria" when we are using JPA as the model component ?

      Any help/idea will be highly appreciated.