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    Ops Center 12c <-> proxy disconnected status

      Hi all,

      I have managed to get Proxy Controller into a state that it does not like talking to Ops Centre itself, but keeps going offline after disconnected status.

      sc-console list-connections
      scn-proxy https://pylif:443 urn:scn:clregid:cf431fa8-f286-4f3d-bdb0-0a24711bf944:20120510101107529
      scn-satellite disconnected
      localhost https://localhost:443 urn:scn:clregid:4125756b-91bf-44ca-9b2c-712f9ccf6cab:20120420123155327

      /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/proxyadm status
      --->> after 10min it goes offline
      /opt/SUNWxvmoc/bin/satadm status

      I can review assets trough Ops Center normally, but all jobs fail since Proxy cannot be reached.

      Any log files I could look into to get more hints on whats going on?

      Best Regards,
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          you could use OCDoctor.sh to collect the logs into one big zip file

          OCDoctor.sh --collectlogs

          OCdoctor can also do some basic troubleshooting for you

          OCDoctor.sh --troubleshoot

          for more options see ./OCDoctor.sh --help

          you could also try stopping and starting the proxy and sending the output to a file of your choice
          proxyadm start -l logfile
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            Grabbed all the logfiles, but cant see anything spesific related to the issue. Proxy logs just tell me it was a successfull start via SMF.
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              have you checked the SMF logs ?

              svcs -vx
              svcs -a | grep scn

              check the log files in /var/svc/log
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                No failed SMFs.

                svcs -a |grep scn
                legacy_run May_07 lrc:/etc/rcS_d/S88SUNWscn-update-agent-prepare-singleuser
                legacy_run May_07 lrc:/etc/rcS_d/S90SUNWscn-update-agent-singleuser
                disabled May_07 svc:/application/scn/singleuser-agent:default
                disabled May_07 svc:/application/scn/update-agent:default
                disabled May_07 svc:/application/scn/db:remote
                disabled May_07 svc:/application/scn/ec-server-splashpage:default
                disabled May_07 svc:/application/scn/dhcpd:default
                online May_07 svc:/application/scn/satellite-enable:default
                online May_07 svc:/application/scn/oralistener:default
                online May_07 svc:/application/scn/ajaxterm:default
                online May_07 svc:/application/scn/oracle:default
                online May_07 svc:/application/scn/db:local
                online May_07 svc:/application/scn/db:default
                online May_07 svc:/application/scn/uce-scheduler:default
                online May_07 svc:/application/scn/uce-server:default
                online May_07 svc:/application/scn/satellite-available:default
                online 13:34:03 svc:/application/scn/proxy-enable:default
                online 13:34:23 svc:/application/management/common-agent-container-1:scn-proxy
                online 13:34:23 svc:/application/scn/proxy-available:default

                All the services seem to be online as well. I checked the /var/svc/log's, which only show that services were either successfully started or stopped.
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                  from the svcs output I see that you have a service that's offline that I have online

                  disabled May_07 svc:/application/scn/update-agent:default

                  you've done a sanity check?

                  proxyadm stop -w
                  satadm stop -w

                  init 6 (optional)

                  satadm start -w
                  proxyadm start -w ?
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                    Opened SR for Oracle on this as well, unfortunately they could not resolve the issue either.

                    At the same time, we experienced weird Grub/zfs corruption issue prohibiting to boot the server at all, so we need to reinstall and start from scratch....
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                      We did a reinstall WITHOUT installing nor configuring JASS and all these strange problems here and there with Ops Center have disappeared.

                      This leads me to think Ops Center is not very good friends with JASS at all.
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                        No its not JASS friendly, OC EC or PC should not be installed on a system which has been hardened by jass,
                        or even if it has been hardened then un-hardened, these are Oracles words on the site planning docs for 11g I'm guessing the approach is the same for 12c.