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    Dgraph.BibRelevanceRank not returned?

    Paul Samuel
      I'm trying to use the ReleRankEvaluator to figure out a ranking issuie. I have added
      <arg>--stat-brel</arg> to the dgraph-defaults configuration, but Dgraph.BibRelevanceRank  does not seem to be returned with the records?
      Is there any additional configuration required?
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          Hi Paul,

          After adding the <arg>--stat-brel</arg> to the dgraph-defaults configuration in Appconfig.xml, please run the baseline_update script.
          which will update the configuration of application.

          I hope it will help you.

          Sunil N
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            Paul Samuel
            Hi Sunil,

            I didn't think it was necessary to run a baseline. The stat-brel is a dgraph startup argument, so a dgraph restart should be all that is required.
            However, it doesn't seem to be working. The whymatch argument is returned after a restart.


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              Some comments:
              1. You are correct that all you need is the Dgraph --stat-brel flag to set the rel rank property.

              2. The property is named Dgraph.BinRelevanceRank (not Bib). I.e., you won't get it if the name is misspelled.

              3. How are you trying to get the property? Are you using ERec.getProperties() on the record?

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                Paul Samuel
                Thanks, Frank.

                The Dgraph.BibRelevanceRank was a typo in the message header - I was using Dgraph.BinRelevanceRank

                I was looking for the value in the RelRankEvaluator application. When I didn't see it there, I tried ERec.getProperties().get("Dgraph.BinRelevanceRank").

                I am seeing the values now though. Not quite sure what I did different. Do you know if it makes a difference whether the restart is from a browser admin?op=restart command, as opposed to a restart on the server itself? I think I may have started seeing the rel rank values after a restart from the server.