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    Install Oracle VM Sever on separate boot camp partition on iMac

      I've recently bought an iMac and want to install oracle vm server on a separate partition to osx created with boot camp.

      Ive done this before on a windows box with a separate partition so I'm familiar with the steps.

      I was wondering if anyone has done this on a mac and can confirm it works and if there are any things to watch out for.

      There are two things that I think may cause problems before I've even started:

      1. The oracle vm server installation process won't recognise the bluetooth keyboard and mouse. I can work around this with a USB keyboard.

      2. Oracle vm server may not recognise the networking hardware in the mac. This is the most concerning for me, as without this the installation is pretty fruitless.

      Any pointers from those who've done it or tried it before I dive in and give it a go would be appreciated.

      Kind Regards,