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    Mobile Scanning/QR codes in ATG 10.1

      Hey all,

      Does everyone know if ATG 10.1 supports Mobile Scanning/QR codes OOTB with their Mobile Ref App? Or is this something that will require significant extension/customization?

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          Nitin Khare
          As per the product details, the Mobile Ref app in ATG 10.1 is based on Endeca mobile solution. I think after Endeca acquisition Oracle has come up with this offering which has Endeca mobile integrated with ATG Commerce.
          Bar code scanning is definitely there as OOTB feature in Endeca but not sure about QR code scanning. I found it from the Endeca features details at

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            I'm the product manager for the ATG 10.1 mobile reference applications. Need to clarify some serious misunderstandings about the product posted in this thread.

            1. The ATG mobile 10.1 solution is NOT based on the Endeca mobile solution.
            2. The ATG mobile 10.1 solution is NOT integrated with the Endeca solution.
            3. Endeca has a mobile solution that is a separate SKU on the price list (Endeca for Mobile).
            4. We are working on an integrated ATG and Endeca mobile solution but that is a future roadmap item. The integrated solution will be available at a TBD date.
            5. The ATG mobile storefronts are based on the ATG Commerce Reference Store.
            6. The ATG mobile 10.1 storefronts do NOT contain the QR code/mobile scanning feature -- that is a high-priority roadmap item.

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              Nitin Khare

              Thanks for the clarification. I may have misunderstood the products but my understanding was based on the description mentioned at


              and the 10.1 product chart PDF link mentioned in the same blog


              This ATG 10.1 product chart PDF mentions at least 5 Endeca components including Endeca Mobile.
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                Hi Nitin,

                Yes, the blog entry and the charts you are looking at are accurate. However, if you look closely at the 10.1 product chart PDF, you'll notice the shading on the two separate mobile solutions. The Endeca solution is in light purple and the ATG solution is in light blue. As I said, the two mobile solutions are separate for now but there are future roadmap plans to unify them.

                On another note, the 10.1 ATG mobile reference storefronts and the Commerce Reference Store isn't available yet. We hope to release them imminently.