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    Using OC to manage HP servers running Red Hat?

      We've inherited a couple of HP Proliant DL360 G7 servers running Red Hat. I can manage the OS from Ops Center but I can't manage the hardware. I've tried picking "Other IPMI Service Processor" from the "Search for Type" list during "Custom Discovery" but the discovery fails. I've verified that I'm using the correct IPMI user and password. I can use ipmitool from the command line but I have to use "lanplus". Is OC not capable of using lanplus?

      The Prolliant is running "ILO 3 Advanced", version "1.26 Aug 26 2011". Is that too new for OC?

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          I was under the impression that OC was capable of using lanplus.. but I could be wrong. (I usually am)

          I believe a buddy of mine has an HP ProLiant DL360 G7 running on his network, I will shoot him over an email with this link so he can (hopefully) answer you. This is the one he has, in case it matters -- http://www.servermonkey.com/hp-proliant-dl360-g7/

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