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    BUG: Compiling shows the object as <null> under connections tree

      It worked properly for me in previous versions, but this one: v3.1.07.42 displays <null> in place of the object name in the connections tree after compiling. This is true of any compilable object. It displays correctly after refreshing the tree. If working directly on an object and saving (which does a compile), it also nullifies it at the editor level, so it must be closed, the tree refreshed, and the object reloaded in order to continue editing.

      An example of what it looks like is here:

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          Gary Graham-Oracle

          This doesn't sound familiar at all. Recall the OTN release of was 3 months ago (Feb 7th). Please provide a detailed test case.

          If you open a console window, run <sqldev_home>\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\bin\sqldeveloper, then try your test, do you see any additional information appear in the console? Error messages? A stack trace?

          Also, please provide information about your environment:
          1. OS
          2. Java version (recall that 1.7 is not certified with SQL Developer.
          3. Version of DB(s) you connect to.
          4. Do you have Oracle client software installed? Which version?
          5. Do you have OCI/Thick jdbc driver checked off in your Tools|Preferences|Database|Advanced settings?
          6. What is your jdbc.library in About|Properties?
          7. Did you install SQL Developer into an empty directory or did you overwrite a prior SQL Developer installation directory?
          8. When you installed, did you migrate settings from a prior installation?
          9. Have you added any third-party extensions to this SQL Developer install?
          10. Is your system3.1.07.42 directory on a local or network drive.

          With this additional information, hopefully someone will be able to advise you.

          SQL Developer Team
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            Gary Graham-Oracle
            Actually, based on a comment in another thread at the end of the following post:
            Re: 3.1 bug in code interpretation when compiled frome file/ plsql worksheet?

            I experimented a bit with Compile All and Compile Invalid from the Connections navigator (usually I compile only within the code editor) and actually noticed (invalid) package body nodes display as *<null>*, but I'm not able to replicate it every time. Any detailed test case would be much appreciated.