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    Need storage configuration suggestion !


      I am working on a server configuration request for a new project.
      My major requirements are:

      To load 3 mln records every day (night batch). It is about 1.5G.
      We will process the rows, there will be some calculations, then updates of other table with the result, BUT the most important part is to load all this data in reasonable time.

      The data will be kept for last 3 years.

      Also, there will be second instance, to keep history.
      And third instance, for recovery purpose

      I am trying to put together a spec for this new UNIX server, or servers. I am looking for suggestions in terms of how much RAM, disk capacity, disk speed, any hardware parameters that might be relevant. Even if it will be very approximately, I still could use it as a starting point for my configuration. I really don't know much about hardware.

      Any suggestion is appreciated.