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    Correction of Assignment history

    heidi alvares
      Hi All

      One of the users at my client has seriously destorted an employee's assignment history due to incorrect capturing and lack of business process knowledge. To add to the issue the user only raised the issue 3 months later after 3 payruns have been processed, and the posting to the GL has been done.

      The employee was terminated on 30 November 2010
      Then the employee rejoined the organisation on 15 Feb 2012. Instead of rehiring the employee, the user reversed the termination. (Incorrect process)
      The user then captured an assignment update wef 15 Feb 2012 to link the employee to the new position, grade, non-permanent payroll, etc, etc with the assignment change reason Re-Appointment.
      The user then captured a further assignment change wef 1st Mar 2012 to change the employee to a permanent payroll (this should have been a correction and not an update)

      To correct this record ideally we should delete all incorrect assignment changes; recapture the termination and then capture the rehire
      with all the correct data.
      However the employee has been paid and processed for the past 3 months and obviously the system will not allow certain corrections.

      My questions: Has anyone had any similar case? Is there any possible way to correct this record from the front end? Any suggestions?

      Thank you very much in advance