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    Oracle Instant Client SDK Linux x86-64 download fails

      I'm having an odd problem trying to download several of the larger files on the Instant Client Downloads for Linux x86-64 for version download page.

      I login and accept the license agreement. I can successfully download the Instant Client Package - Basic link with no issues.

      When I try the Instant Client Package - SDK it downloads what is essentially an empty file. I was blaming my proxy server at work, but I tried it from home and I get the same issue. I tested downloading other large files and had no issues from home and work.

      <snipped some stupidity on file size mix up>

      Never mind, it was the proxy server at work. It was not liking the file fro some reason. I did get confused and when it downloaded the 600K byte file, I was thinking it was supposed to be 600MB. My bad. The final solution was handled by our internal I.T. department.

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