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    Help with virtualbox image on Windows 7 64 bit

      We have a atttendeed that is trying to import the Virtualbox image on
      VirtualBox-4.1.14-77440-Win today and am running on Windows 7-64 bit w/ 8Gb RAM and 141Gb Free space.
      Running NTFS encrypted.

      And is getting the following error
      Failed to import appliance Oracle_Developer_Day.ova - Could not read OVF file 'Oracle Developer_Dat.ovf' (VERR_TAR_END_OF_FILE).

      Result Code: VBOX_E_FILE_ERROR (0x80BB0004)

      Note: his md5sum matches mine and I was able to import it fine on linux.
      I know we have had several 100 people do this at our OTN Developer Days on windows so there should not be an issue - But I do not have a widows box that I can reproduce it on.
      Any help ideas about what the issue might be.