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    OEM 12c - Doubts related to Notifications by e-mail

      Dear all.

      That thread purpose it's to clear some misunderstandings I've been getting with Notifications by e-mail in a OEM 12c environment.

      So, the things is: I've got a OMS server installed in a Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.7 SO and OMA installed in a Oracle Solaris Sparc 64. They're communicating each other with no issues and data have been collected by OMA and uploaded to OMS normally.

      Now I'm trying to set up notifications by e-mail to some DBA to targets of type Database Instance. I've set up Notification Method ok and made a test sending an e-mail. I've also set up the Notification Schedule to these DBA. After these steps, I created an Incident Rule with some rules involving Target Availability and Target Metrics Errors.

      So, at this point everything sounds fine, but the thing I still don't understand is that Notifications haven't been sent even putting one monitored database down. To make a test, I shut de OMA down and start it up again. At the starting moment, I got an e-mail in my mailbox alerting that this database I had shutdown was unavailable.

      Few hours ago, I put this database down again and it remained like that for few hours. No notifications in my mailbox.

      Are there steps I missing?

      Thanks in advance

      Bruno Palma