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    Deleting table row does not refresh table []

      In the simple scenario of
      Department -> Employees -> Job History
      Form -> Table -> Table
      in the same page

      When you try to delete a job history. The row is deleted but the table is not refreshed and the row remains on the table.
      The issue for this is that the panelGroupLayout component [JobHistoryTopLc] has a partialTrigger to JobHistoryDeleteDialog which is badly generated because the relative path of JobHistoryDeleteDialog is wrong (JobHistoryDeleteDialog is now generated at the end of the page) . I believe that the relative path should be different or that the JobHistoryDeleteDialog should not be generated at the end of the page.

      I am attaching a test case here

      Steven can you help us in order to fix this because this seems to be the only thing keeping us from completing the migration in order to deploy the application to our production environment?