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    Server java trace error while updating bulk records from AIX to Oracle 10g


      I am getting an error in TCL (Tool Command language) script that updates the records in a database table i.e around 2500 records are to be updated. I am using update statement with bind variables to insert the data.

      SQL "insert into netuser.visit_temp (FP_FROM,FP_TO,HOPS,FP_FROM_ID) values (:SN,:EN,:HP,:FPID)" [list SN $startnode EN $endnode HP $hops FPID $fpId]

      However, after processing 900 or so records (takes around 8 hours) I get the following error:

      environment variable "SERVER_JAVA_TRACE" undefined
      while executing
      "getenv SERVER_JAVA_TRACE"
      invoked from within
      "dotransaction {
           logm "Processing $fp"
           set value [SQL $query3 [list FP $fp]]
           logm "Found value $value"
           set fpid [Koplingspunkt quer..."
          ("foreach" body line 3)
          invoked from within
      "foreach fp $cmd2 {
           UtilityObject cleanCache
           dotransaction {
               logm "Processing $fp"
               set value [SQL $query3 [list FP $fp]]
           logm "Found v..."

      Could anyone please suggest the possible cause of error?