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    Help with Infomaker tool for editing Contract Manager Template

      I am new to Primavera Contract Manager (11i) and has been assigned with a task of editing one Submittals template on the system as the person who was handling it left the company.

      On doing some research I found out that it is done through the Infomaker tool and I was able to do so the test server.

      But on the live server, whenever I try to open the same template using Infomaker, it will ask to select the database, once we select the database which is Oracle 10 G express, it quits even without showing any error message.

      I tried creating a new user on Oracle to make sure it is not because of wrong user name and password, but what ever details we give, infomaker just quits when tried to connect to any database.

      Can you kindly help me to trace out the issue?