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    Allowing re-loads of data to Essbase without deleting existing data

      When exporting data from FDM to Essbase, the following options are provided:
      0- Replace
      1- Merge

      These settings can also be set as the application global default in FDM Workbench. We have noticed that if "0 - Replace" is used, the following line appears in the Essbase application log:

      +[Mon May 14 13:51:36 2012]Local/Flash/Flash/admin@Native Directory/140397557860096/Info(1012555)+
      +Clearing data from [Week 44] partition with fixed members [Service(Service N/A); Scenario(FLASH Raw)]+

      The "Service" dimension is not one of the two POV Control Table dimensions (Period or Category). We were under the impression that "0 - Replace" would allow the same Essbase data cells to be reloaded, without other data being affected. However, it appears to be clearing all data in the database whilst fixing on the above three members, and it does not appear to make much sense as to why it has opted to fix on these particular dimensions either. We are loading data to Essbase from FDM using an Essbase load rule. This load rule has no data clearing options set in it.

      The "1 - Merge" option adds the reloaded values to the existing values in Essbase (as expected). Please advise on how we might be able to reload data to Essbase (using the "0 - Replace" option) whilst ensuring other data cells are not affected.