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    Problem with aborting a SubProcess in Oracle 10GR3

      Hi all,
      I have a main process in Oracle 10GR3 with a sub-process in it.

      Now I see a null pointer exception in my sub-process and it is aborted. But my main process is still not aborted. It keeps looping and creates new sub-processes.

      How do I abort my main process.

      I have propogated my exceptions to the main process but at the same time I have provided an exception path in my sub-process as well so as to take care of exceptions in the sub-process.

      Now my sub-process exceptions are being aborted but not my main process exceptions.

      Any reason why?

      How do I abort my main process in this case? This is an automatic activity and I in Runtime Options I have not checked, if enabled the instance can be aborted by the user.