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    Where would I go to learn PL SQL

      I am a front end developer and I want to learn PL/SQL for application development. Any help for putting me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Also, if there are any developers that want to work with me in my business |http://reelwebdesign.com] then please contact me. I am starting fresh and am willing to take on a new partner (Last partner left to go work in IT)!

      Again, thanks for any help you can give!


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          Peter - this is the forum for Oracle Designer. There is a forum devoted to SQL and PL/SQL at PL/SQL but that would be the place to ask questions that are more specific than yours. There are several excellent books about PL/SQL - check your local library or bookstore (brick and mortar or web). You will certainly run into Paul Dorsey's PL/SQL for Dummies and several books by Steven Feuerstein. A Google or Bing search will find you several web sites devoted to PL/SQL. Do your homework. Then, if you have questions, ask in forum 75.
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            Thanks! Much appreciated!