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    To learn BI APPS what are the pre-requisites.

      Hi All,

      I am working on EBS. I am planning to learn BI APPS, is there any pre courses should learn?
      I heard that OBIEE need to learn before BI APPS. is it mandatory?
      Can you plz suggest how OBIEE is helpful to learn BI APPS for EBS.

      Thanks in Advance
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          Hi All,

          Any advices?
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            The advice to learn the BI Foundation technologies first is sound - you'll need a thorough understanding of the underlying technology, before you start looking at an application built with that technology. I assume that you'll be wanting the extend the BI Applications, as most of the time they don't fully meet customer requirements OOTB.

            So initially you'll need to learn about the following for BI Foundation:
            - Data warehouse design (star schemas, dimensional modelling)
            - BI Admin Tool (used to map the Physical warehouse into a presentation view)
            - Analyses and Dashboards (web-front end for building BI content)
            - Agents (used to schedule Analyses)
            - BI Publisher (not absolutely necessary, but a great pixel-perfect reporting tool)

            Note that this list might not cover everything - for example, things like security are often a subject area in their own right.

            Once you have all that under your belt, you can start looking at the BI Apps technologies. OBIA uses Informatica Powercenter to perform the various stages of the ETL, so you'll need to know how to build/change Infa Workflows. When Informatica is used on it's own it can control the complete ETL, but in OBIA the ETL is controlled by a separate program, the Data Warehouse Administration Console (DAC). The DAC understands the dependancies between all of the Warehouse objects and builds ETL execution plans accordingly. Once the data is in the Warehouse database, it's much like any other Data Warehouse.

            The Informatica Workflows are split into two main types: SDEs and SILs - Source Dependant Extracts and Source Independant Loads. You'll use a different set of SDEs depending on which source Systems you are extracting from. This is where the value of OBIA comes in - Oracle provide all the SQL necessary to extract the data from a variety of ERP systems, such as E-Business Suite and Seibel. However, if you want to extend the ETLs you will need to have a good understanding of the source systems as well.

            Barry Goodsell
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              Hi Barry,

              Thank you Very much for your's advice.