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    How to invoke Oracle E-Business seeded program in BPEL SOA 11g

    Hoang Tong

      I am implementing an item interface between a third part system and Oracle Inventory. My composite will process the item data from the third part system and insert the data in the interface table (mtl_system_items_interface).

      Once the insert is completed, I require BPEL to invoke the seeded program (Import Items - INCOIN) to insert data from interface tables in Oracle base tables; that is, from mtl_system_items_interface to mtl_system_items_b.

      I have tried using an 'Oracle Applications' adapter but cannot location the INCOIN program. There are no options to browse to location the INCOIN program either.

      Anyone know how to invoke an Oracle seeded program from a BPEL process?

      Appreciate your help :)

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          While configuring the Oracle Apps Adapter, select the database connection, give the JNDI, then the Oracle Applications Module Browser will appear, make sure you select the correct module here (there will be many like Financials..etc). My suggestion would be, ask the EBS experts as under which module will that API be there ?
          If you can get to know under what module it will be there, you need to select that module, and look inside it, it should be there under something like concurrent API's. I have implemented the Oracle Apps adapter many times, so even if you dont find the API, first get to know the container module, then you should be good to go. Also in the step of Module Browser, on the top; you have an option of searching for API's like wild card search etc...

          Hope this helps,
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            You will not find the INCOIN in the Oracle Apps adapter. INCOIN is a concurrent program being run from the Oracle Application.
            The INCOIN program can be call from the function: Fnd_Request.submit_request. To run this function you have to initial the global parameters(FND_GLOBAL.APPS_INITIALIZE) and have a commit in the end.
            I would suggest you to use the DB adapter to call a customize procedure where you can have all of this functionality inside.

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              Hoang Tong
              Thanks guys for your replies.

              I have a connection to an Oracle R12 instance of eBusiness. The services available in Oracle Application adapter reflects the services available in the Integrated SOA Gateway (ISG). INCOIN is currently not available. So the Oracle Application adapter is currently not an option.

              We current have a PL/SQL procedure that is used to invoke the INCOIN program as suggested previously by Arik. We are trying to eliminate the PQ/SQL layer as it provides another layer that we have to maintain. However, this appears to be the only way to do a direction invokation of the INCOIN program from a SOA composite.