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    [OCI] - Select statement on Clob doesn't return the full column's content.

      Hi All,

      I'm actually working on a application using OCI on an Oracle 11gr2. The Oracle client as the 11.2.0 version, was fully(admin) installed and configured with the same NLS_LANG variable as the DB.
      In the Database, we are using CLOB to store long text files. The setup our application was writing the initial CLOB correctly, but we cant read it, we just a part of the text.

      I checked it in SQLPlus and SQLDeveloper :

      select sourcecode from script where name like 'callback';

      result :

      // #import "CallbackFctLib"

      * Benutzerdefinierte Funktionen bei der


      if I set the long to 1000 before the Select statement, then the full file is displayed.

      set long 1000;
      select sourcecode from script where name like 'callback';

      So, this works for SQLPlus and SQLDeveloper but how can I set it for the whole System? is ist possible? does any parameters have to be pass to the "sourcecode" column to define any format?

      thanks for reading...