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    XHUB-141 - Missing party ID in OXTA message

      We are trying to get the PO XML through the OTA to the OSN. The XML message passes through the Workflow via OTA and is being delivered in OSN, as an error. There are 2 errors related to this issue -

      1. XHUB-141 Missing party ID in OXTA message
      2. XHUB-201 A parsing error occurred while processing an XML document (Parsing error encountered while processing document).

      If anyone has come across this error in the past and have resolved, could you please share how it got resolved ?

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          Trading partner Location code and alias code were not the same as the ones defined in OSN

          1. Go into the responsibility: XML Gateway Responsibility

          2. Navigate to Define Trading Partner

          3. Ensure the Destination Trading Partner Location code is the same as the Trading partner Alias code that is set in OSN under the Trading Partners > My Trading Partners > Your Trading Partners section

          4. Retest the issue.

          5. Migrate the solution as appropriate to other environments.

          Our issue is RESOLVED...