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    Installing Oracle JDK 7 on Solaris Server

      Hello Experts,

      I would like to install Oracle JDK 7 on my server. It currently has JDK 6 installed. I would appreciate any pointers that you could provide.

      I am running SunOS 5.11. I assume this is Solaris 11. The command uname -a returns: SunOS [omitted] 5.11 [omitted] i86pc i386 i86pc Solaris

      My steps so far
      My limited progress so far is simply downloading the JDK 7 tar.gz file and extracting in the appropriate location. This is as far as I have gotten.

      My Goal
      Ultimately, I would like to get several Java Frameworks running including Spring and Hibernate so I can run Java Web Applications.

      My Question
      So finally, I believe I understand that I should not replace Java 6 with Java 7. I simply have them in separate directories. Currently I have them in "/opt/local/etc/java/sun6/" and "/opt/local/etc/java/sun7/".

      For the Web Server, I have chosen Glassfish open community edition. Are there any configuration files that I need to update to reflect the new Java 7 JDK? Please excuse my ignorance. I would say right now I need insight and to be pointed in the right direction. Not so much of instructional how tos...

      Thank you, Gregg
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          This post has been relocated from the New to Solaris Development forum to a JDK forum, hopefully for closer topic alignment.

          That original forum is hosted for development of Solaris, not for development on Solaris.
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            Thanks for correcting my forum location.

            I believe i may be on the right track for what I am looking for. At this time I would like to put question on hold.


            Update: I was able to get it working. I didnt (and still do not) understand what would happen if installing a second JDK. Specifically I was concerned about implications of any other software that was dependent on Java6. I simply added JDK7 to the PATH variable. Then checking the version using "which java" returns Java7. All seems to be well. I am trying my best to prevent issues that I cannot foresee due to lack of experience in Linux.

            Thanks for reading.


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              I was able to get it working. I didnt realize Glassfish has an extremely easy to read installation tutorial. Typically I expect documentation to be complicated and full of terms I dont understand. :)