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    Dual MyDesktop in SGD (Mixed array?)


      "SGD servers in an array might run different operating systems. However, all the array members must run the same version of SGD."

      Is there a way to have an SGD Array of two servers, one providing a Solaris desktop and one providing Oracle Linux desktop, but allowing failover between them if one server fails?

      ... or does the primary server define the desktop used by both servers, even if one server is OL and one is Solaris?

      (Some users want to use Solaris MyDesktop, some want to use OL MyDesktop, but in a failure situation all users would use whatever the remaining server provided)

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          the OS of the SGD servers has no bearing on what applications you deploy via SGD. The primary does not define what is provided. but if you are talking about MyDesktop then you will have some things to consider. It would be easier for you to define Webtop applications but you can use the Dynamic Application chooser with SGD 4.6 do provide multiple desktops. See

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            Perfect, thank you.
            I have defined webtop applications as you suggest in previous deployments, but this instance will be managed by central IT and we will not be able to add our own apps (no SGD admin access), so I was trying to work out the most efficient way to ask for both Solaris nad OL desktops to be provided on two SGD servers.
            In our case central IT are likely to want to provide the two servers as an Array, rather than as two separate servers each with their own IP.

            So I think that one option is to have both servers installed in an array on the same platform (Solaris or OL) which would then define the default MyDesktop, and then ask central IT to provide the other desktop as a webtop application link, presumably with the other desktops being hosted on a separate AppServer using the other platform (Solaris or OL).
            I just wonder about the increased latency due to having the desktops handed off to an AppServer across the LAN. Shouldn't be much, but when added to some already slow external links I'm nervous about adding any unnecessary latency. (SGD will be deployed for public access across the internet).

            In summary, many thanks for your answer. I have all that I need now, the above is just for completeness.