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    Materialized View and Materialized Log in different schemas & not working

      I have two schemas A and B.

      I created a materialized log in A like so:

      create materialized view log on A.tran;

      I then created a materialized view in B with refresh fast on commit:

      create materialized view  MV
      as select * from A.tran;

      After that i try and commit data into the A's tran table but get this error:

      ORA-12008: error in materialized view refresh path
      ORA-00942: table or view does not exist
      12008. 00000 - "error in materialized view refresh path"
      *Cause:    Table SNAP$_<mview_name> reads rows from the view
      MVIEW$_<mview_name>, which is a view on the master table
      (the master may be at a remote site). Any
      error in this path will cause this error at refresh time.
      For fast refreshes, the table <master_owner>.MLOG$_<master>
      is also referenced.
      *Action:   Examine the other messages on the stack to find the problem.
      See if the objects SNAP$_<mview_name>, MVIEW$_<mview_name>,
      <mowner>.<master>@<dblink>, <mowner>.MLOG$_<master>@<dblink>
      still exist.

      Can anyone explain why i am not able to get the materialized view to work in another schema?

      Thanks in advance.

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