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    WM6.1 device identifying as platform SQLite, not SQLite WCE, as it should

    Marius H
      Using Mobile server 11g, my WM6.1 device suddenly started to identify itself as "SQLite" and not "SQLite WCE" as it should.

      I gave it another try:

      I deleted my application on Mobile server, and created it again, for the SQLite PPC60 ARMV4I;US platform (with the package and deploy wizard: generated JAR and imported via Mobile server interface)

      I created a user, linked it to my freshly made application. Then I registered the data subsetting. Everything OK so far.

      I then hard reset my Win 6.1 device, downloaded the client (SQLite PPC60 ARMV4I) from the Mobile Server setup web page, installed it via USB/MS Mobile Device Center. Everything OK thus far.

      I installed the client on the "Nand Flash" card on my device (HTC P6500) and started MSync. Typed in user, password, server and then I synced.

      I get then got the same message as last time: ORA-20006: Unrecognized device type: <*SQLite*> ORA-06512: at "MOBILCONS_EXT", line 262
      ORA 06512 at line 1

      I looked in the MOBILCONS_EXT package and found that it uses a lookup table C$ALL_DEVICE_PLATFORMS for platform types. I could not find the SQLite in there. I therefore changed the SQLite WCE to SQLite in the table and tried again (just to see if I could get a bit further, this is a dev environment).

      The sync finnished with no errors, but my pubitems were not synced, only the system tables.

      My question is: why does my device consistently identify itself as SQLite and not SQLite WCE?