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    Getting error on testing an Inbound Web Service through SOAP UI


      I have activated one of the OOB Inbound web service (CMU Account Query), modified its port to point the correct address http://localhost/eai_enu/start.swe?SWEExtSource=SecureWebService&SWEExtCmd=Execute&Username=SADMIN&Password=SADMIN & did clear chache & generated the WSDL.

      I tried to test the WSDL through SOAP UI but getting error

      <p>An error occurred while trying to process your request. This error indicates a problem with the configuration of this server and should be reported to the webmaster (along with any errors listed below). We apologize for the inconvenience</p>
      <p>Error(s):<ol><li>Login failed attempting to connect to siebel.TCPIP.None.None://ch5dlfi085:2321/GFLOEnt/EAIObjMgr_enu<li>Login failed.
      SBL-SSM-00003: Error opening SISNAPI connection.</ol></p>

      Pls suggest diagnosis step for this. Any help is appreciated.