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    Oracle Load testing admin rights requirement

      This may be a silly question, but I think its better to ask than be in doubt.

      I will be using 1 OLT server and 2 remote agents PCs for load testing. I have requested for a single user(with password) that will have local admin rights on all 3 PCs. I was just wondering if local admin rights on PCs is enough for OLT/Remote agents or do I need to get admin rights on "client domain" (which will be refused definitely). Please confirm.

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          Hi CP
          You shoulld be ok with local admin rights.
          The only reason I see for having domain priviledges would be to collect serverstats on remote Windows servers using WMI/Perfmon. Because it requires to run the OATS service as a domain administrators (or at least an account which has priviledges on remote windows).