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    Info Bar message cannot be seen due to precedence of previous message

      I am trying to present a message to the user in the BefExportToDat event script. The message is added to the Info Bar fine, but the problem is that the user never gets to see the message! It is relegated to second place as "Message (2 of 2)", and since a modal popup immediately appears asking the user which load method to use, the user is unable to click on the "Next" button to actually view this message as it disappears immediately after the user has dealt with the modal popup window.

      The same problem arises if I do the same with the AftExportToDat event script, so it is difficult to see where best to place the message in the process chain.

      Ideally, I would like to promote my message to first place ("Message (1 of 2)"), and also to make it an Error or Warning message rather than an Information message.

      Any ideas?! :-)