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    Access 2003 migration to APEX with a lots of reports and macros

      Hello, dear Oracle fans,

      I have to evaluate the workload of migrating an existing Access 2003 application (130 tables, 30 reports to keep, a few macros to load txt and xls files).
      My ideal target is Oracle + APEX (rather than SQL Server)

      I have read carefully:
      http://www.ukuug.org/events/seminars/databases/APEXforUUG2.pdf (very enthousiastic)

      I am still wondering about the time necessary to terminate and adjust the migration of reports (as well as XLS connections: odbc loader?).

      Is there a version of the Northwind/Southwind DB including 5 or 10 Access reports with tricky joins or format comparisons?
      What would be an other feasible approach?

      I would need to have a realistic estimation of time before proposing it to our end-users and administration team.

      Thanks in advance

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