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    Oracle Apps RAC TO RAC cloning from Netbackup(tape)


      I am doing RAC to RAC cloning on linux 5 following is the note id i follow

      Cloning Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12 RAC-Enabled Systems with Rapid Clone [ID 559518.1]

      In this note step 4.2 we use adclone.pl to prepare the stage on source using "Method=Rman", i think this creates image backup of the database on source system
      In step we restore the database on target using the stage backup we took in source.

      So, here i was thinking if it is possible to use Netbackup server (tapes) for "rmanstage=" parameter. Because we don't have that much disk space to accommodate backup and as with Rman duplicate database we directly connect to tape with auxiliary for cloning, Please let me know if we can use this process with the above adclone.pl

      Tanveer Mohammed