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    System Architecture of shop.oracle.com

      I looked over the examples of public websites identified by Oracle who are using APEX. Based on my experience I found shop.oracle.com to the best. Does anyone have any idea of system architecture they are using (Ie did they use APEX Listener over mod_plsql...) Is their system architecture three-tiered? What application server (ie WebLogic, glassfish) do they use if any? Linux based RAC? OS versions ?

      That sorta of thing.....
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          I won't expect to get a full disclosure on that platform.
          Judging from URL and the Server-header generated by the instance I'd expect the shop to run on mod_plsql on OAS 11g, and some other evidence seems to confirm that it's not using APEX Listener. Probably some caching component (Web Cache) is also used.
          Considering the usage scenario and the fact, that license costs do not apply, I'd be very surprised to find a non-RAC database behind that shop. OS should be something owned by Oracle as well, most likely it's Oracle Enterprise Linux.

          Just my personal opinions/perceptions...