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    Can Reports runs in Java 7? Failed with missing libhpi.so

      I upgraded on my Sparc Solaris 10 server
      pfrd to pfrd and wls 10.3.4 to wls 10.3.6
      Since the above combination is now certified for Java 7, I changed Weblogic to use JDK 7.
      I also pointed as_1/jdk to jdk7.

      However, neither the in-process nor the standalone Reports server would start:


      12/05/15 12:35:25 Start process
      ld.so.1: rwserver: fatal: libhpi.so: open failed: No such file or directory

      $ find as_1/jdk6 -name libhpi.so -print

      These 2 .so are not in Sun jdk7 update 4 distribution.

      Is Reports certified for JDK7?