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    Unable to find referenced object when opening VO

      Hello members,

      I am trying to setup my JDev environment to extend some VOs.
      I've copied to my PC the server $JAVA_TOP to myprojects (xml) and myclasses (xml and classes). In fact as I'm only extending iProcurement I only transferred oracle/apps/icx
      There are some existing extensions already on the server so I've copied those across too. In both cases I have made sure classes were transferred in binary mode, xml in ascii mode.
      I've created a new OA Project as per the guidelines in the tutorial and also on various forums I've seen. I've opened the server.xml file from one of the custom packages. I can see the business components.

      When I try to open one of the VOs JDev pops up the message 'Copy operation failed, some edits may not be cancellable. Unable to find referenced object. Object=oracle.app.icx.rcv.server.ReceiveItemsTxnVO. The custom VO is extending this standard one but JDev can't seem to find it.

      I checked and double checked that the business ReceiveItemsTxnVO.xml is in the right directory of myprojects and myclasses and the ReceiveItemsTxnVO*.classes files are in the appropriate dir under myclasses.

      Anyone know what's going on?