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    Extension of ABCS

      Hi, Iam a new-bie to AIA, just started understanding concepts of AIA. I have a query regarding extension of ABCS.
      I understand that extension of ABCS is useful when customizing PIPS. Is my understanding is correct?

      If not, in what scenarios will extension of ABCS will be useful while constructing ABCS in foundation pack.
      Aplogies if my question looks basic or silly.

      Shiva M
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          Correct. Extensibility architecture allows custom code to be executed at pre-defined points in the flow. Customers can define the custom behavior at these points. This Custom code will augment the standard functionality, built in a ABCS, such as Custom message validation, Custom message augmentation, Custom message filtering,etc;
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            More importantly these extension points are upgrade safe. If we do not put in the customizations using these extension points then may end up losing the customizations when PIP is upgraded or patched.