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    OEM12c new installation and agent question

      Hi all

      I have successfully installed OEM12c on Linux centos 5 server with a oracle database repository. My question involves the agents on hosts.
      In the past [oem 10g] one downloaded and installed agent software on the target host. Then discovered the host in the OEM grid control.

      For the OEM12c agent however that does not seem to be the case.
      I have a few questions on this now.
      1. MUST one use the agent deploy from the GRID?
      2. There are agents already on some of the hosts here. Do they need to be stopped and deinstalled first before installing a 12c agent?

      In addition:
      There is a 10G oms on one of the solaris servers that will be replaced with the oem12c version on a new oms host.
      1. I have stopped the oms on the solaris server. Must this oms and its agent be deinstalled before deploying an agent from the new OEM12c grid control?

      Any suggestions/ideas/best practices would be very helpful

      Thanks all