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    Need advice and guidance  to install  ODP.NET to use with .NET 4.0

      05/18/12 :

      I am developing a business application for my company in the .NET 4.0 environment and I need to install an oracle driver (ODP.NET). Here are the following components that I will be using:

      Visual Studio 2010
      Window 7
      Native Oracle database 11g

      Since I have not used this oracle driver (ODP.NET) before, please guide me with all the steps necessary to achieve this objective of installing the appropriate version of ODP.NET.
      I will very much appreciate if you can specify precisely all the minute details I need for installation in terms of the version of ODP.NET to use, location, 32 bit or 62 bit to use etc.

      Here are a few questions I also have:

      (1) Which is the appropriate version (ODAC) to download onto my machine?

      (2) Since Visual Studio is 32 bit, are there any precautions I shouild be taking when installing the driver?

      (3) What is the relationship between ODAC and ODP.NET? I assume only ODP needs to be installed. If not, please fill me in on the details of installation here if they are separate entities.

      (4) Which would be more advanatgeous to download, XCOPY or the full version?

      (5) Are there any specific oracle parameters I should be be aware of when defining the connection string on the .NET side to connect to the oracle database?

      (6) Is there any other component I should be installing apart from this driver on the oracle side?

      (7) Is there anything I should I be careful about when instaslling the driver?

      If I have missed anything that I did not ask and is necessary for a successful installation and connectivity between .NET and the oracle database, please poinnt it out to me.

      Thank you for your advice and guidance which is very much appreciated