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    Advanced filters on image

      Hey there,

      I am quite confused becouse I got quite hard task to do, for me at lease... I need to use Java 2D to make advanced Image-Processing. I need to make filters for Image-Processing, so i will need to use Lookup operations to generate several common filters, such as negative filters, posterizing filters, and thresholding filters, but after i will finish my application i will get a few pictures with hidden text on in - text will be hidden by using filters with random parameters that i won't know and my task will be to find out using my application what content of hidden text is.

      Do you know any possibilities how to make this process faster using some king of extra-super-hiper smart and advanced loops ? Other way i will have to use slider of filters and try to find out it, it may be hard becouse of time limit.

      Hope to get any info! Thanks for help.

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