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    DOUBT: Join SQL results with different structure

      At first, I'm sorry for my bad english and I think that this one isn't the best category for my post.

      I have a doubt about join sql tables with different fields. For example:

      I have a command which return the follow table:
      idSuspicius          Name            Alias
      1                      Pepito            Pepi
      2                      Jaimito           Jaimi
      3                      Juanito           Juani

      And another command which return this other:
      idSuspicius            Name
      4                        Ramon
      5                        Jorge

      I want to get this result:
      idSuspicius          Name          Alias
      1                      Pepito          Pepi
      2                      Jaimito          Jaimi
      3                      Juanito         Juani
      4                      Ramon          null
      5                      Jorge            null

      How can I do this? Thanks!

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