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    How to export association model result (rules and itemsets)


      I created an association model using SQL Developer 3.1 GUI interface and I can see the rules and itemsets (as determined by min. support and min. confidence). My question is: Is it possible to export what I see on the screen (e.g., rule id, antecedent, consequent, lift, confidence, support, ..., or item id, items, support, item count) to an external file (e.g., as a text file, csv file, or a relational table)? If it is possible, how can I do that?

      Thank you in advance.
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          Mark Kelly-Oracle
          Yes to all of the above.

          1) You can copy/paste the rows in the AR model viewer to a spreadsheet (excel) using ctl-a, ctl-c and then paste ctl-v

          2) You can add a Model Details Node as a child to the AR Build node, and then add Create Table (or View) node as a child to the Model Details node.
          This allows you to push the full set of rules or itemsets to a table or view. You can also copy paste the sql to get the rules via a query if you display the view data viewer off of the Model Details node.

          3)Once you have created a view or table as described in step 2 above. You can use the SQL Developer features to export the data. There are a number of options available. To access this feature you would display the connections navigator, which is the primary navigator for the SQL Developer DB features. This is different navigator than the Data Miner navigator. You can then go the table/view, right click it and select the Export... option. See the online help for further details. Here is a snippet of a few of the options available: Formats (CSV, Delimited, Excel, Fixed, HTML, PDF, SQL*Loader, Text, XML)

          Thanks, Mark