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    Two Agents

      I was wondering if an instance can have two agents: the old 11g and the new 12g.

      It would be nice to run both for a while.


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          Loc Nhan -Oracle
          Hi John,

          Assuming by "an instance" you mean an EM site, it is impossible to have both 11g agents and 12c agents pointing to it. An 11g agent cannot upload to an EM 12c site, and a 12c agent cannot upload to an EM 11g site.

          By the way, if you have an EM 11g site and are going to do a build a new EM 12c site to replace it, you can keep the 11c site running in parallel until the EM 12c site is fully functional. You just have to make sure that a different set of ports are used for each version.

          - Loc
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            Yes. What I would like to do is have both an EM 11g and an EM 12c site operating. I want to start using EM 12c but want the old available in an emergency.

            In addition, some of the DBA's don't really like the new product and want to stay with the older for awhile.

            So I would like to have both working.
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              Just out of curiosity, why do some of your DBAs don't like 12c?
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                Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle
                Do you want both the 11g and 12C agents pointing to same 12C Cloud Control?

                If yes, this is not possible. 12C agents are compatible only with 12C oms and vice versa.

                Best Regards,