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    Dynamic Images on Reports

      I want to display an image on my reports using the 'Alternative Text' option in the rtf image properties. I have a package function that I will be using to grab the image from my DB table

      select 'http://server1.acboe.org:9000/pls/apex/SIS_EXPRESS.sis_express_base.display_student_picture?l_fk_student_id=' || B.FK_STU_BASE)
      from stu_base B FILEPATHVALUE.

      What I don't want to do is hard-code my server info in the URL ''http://server1.acboe.org:9000/'. Is there anyway to let it pull the current URL info from the page that was displayed and tack on the rest 'SIS_EXPRESS.sis_express_base.display_student_picture?l_fk_student_id=' || B.FK_STU_BASE'?