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    Web Start desktop shortcut image disappearing : Java 7

      Good Morning,

      Has anyone else noticed the customised JWS desktop shortcut icon they have specified in the jnlp file is being removed from the desktop (not the jnlp file - it is still there) when using web start with Java 7?


      In the JNLP file I have the simple shortcut defined:

      <icon href="https://mysite/img/my-logo.ico" kind="shortcut"/>
      <shortcut online="true" install="false">
      <menu submenu="myApp"/>

      but if the client is using Java 7 then the desktop icon appears using 'my-logo.ico' the first time but subsequently reverts back to the default java icon.

      This seems to happen on XP and Windows 7.

      Anyone else noticed this?



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