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    Using classification for regression purposes


      How configure ODM to make a regression using multiple target value capabilities of the classification model ?
      I have dataset with "month_number" and "year_number" [number] (3 years), "prod_id" [number] and "value" [number] and multiple prod_id within it. I want to predict "value" for few next months for this multiple prod_id.
      Is it possible using one classification node in workflow?
      What should be a case_id? Or I should not set case_id ? When I assign prod_id as case_id it generates error that it does not contain unique values.
      If I leave case id as none model is generated, by predicted values....
      I think are not right.... The same values are assigned to months for all prod_id's. It means that there is the same value for january in all prod_id, other value is for february - but the same in all prod_id, etc.

      I train model using past data. For prediction I prepared dataset with further dates (+1 to +6 months), set proper prod_id and assigned "value" as 0 (or null - result is the same) . Is it correct ?

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