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    Restrict menu items that a user can access

      I am using JD 9.0.
      How can I restrict the menu items that a user can access? I restrict the applications that a user can run and in the menu, the application is not showing. But I want also that the whole menu path not to be shown.

      Please help me.

      Thank you.
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          shyamlal svs
          Solution Explorer was created with the idea that users would use one or two task views and place all tasks beneath these task views. Once all tasks are defined under a task view, then using fine cut, tasks are enabled or disabled for the different roles depending on what tasks should be accessed by a role. The intended design was not to have a series of different task views.

          The only way to secure a task view is by using the Task Revisions application (P9000/W9000R) and marking the Task View as secured. Within Solution Explorer and Task Explorer, a user defined with "View" only security for Explorer within the Solution Explorer security setup in Security Workbench (P00950) will not see any task views marked as secured. However, a task view can only be marked secured at the task view level. It cannot be secured for one set of roles, and not another.

          The recommendation is to include all tasks on one or two role based task views and then hide or show everything within those task views based on roles.

          Hope this helps.