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    OWB using Advanced Security?

      Hi all,

      I've worked at a number of sites using OWB and noticed that Advanced Security (the database extra cost option) is being 'used' by a number of repository databases -- this wasn't expected (or desired) behaviour resulting in some discussions about licensing. I've seen this in at least 4 different customers. It always manifests as MD5-encrypted sessions. It is a bit hard to track down why exactly this is happening but I suspect it is something to do with the client-side software requesting a session of this type (I've not been able to set the server-side to reject this type of connection for paranoia reasons).

      So, my question: if you have a chance, would you be kind enough to run the query below on the repository database and let me know the results? In reward for your efforts I will investigate further (if the results support my beliefs!) and I will post any solution here -- thereby potentially saving you from paying for Advanced Security licenses in the future!
      select osuser, count(*) from  v$session_connect_info where upper(network_service_banner) like '%MD5%' group by osuser;
      If no rows returned, you don't appear to be suffering from this 'feature'. If rows are returned and you aren't expecting to (or don't) pay for Advanced Security Option, please let me know the results!

      Thanks in advance,
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          Can anyone help out with this, please? It's potentially in your interests for license compliance!
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            Oracle Advanced Security is an option for Oracle Database Enterprise Edition.
            select * from v$version;
            Status information for Oracle Advanced Security is available after the connection has been established. The information is contained in the RDBMS virtual table v$session_connect_info
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              Thanks--I'm aware of all of that: my question is--are other people seeing OWB client software invoke Advanced Security usage (inadvertently)?
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                HI Paul,

                we have exact the same issue too..
                I'm now trying to convince Oracle that we weren't aware of this, because i'm afraid that Oracle will ask us to pay for this wile it's being used by default by OWB and SQL Developer.
                Oracle provided us with the option to disable it, but this option was already disabled in our case.

                How did you "solve" it?


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                  Hi Paul,

                  Same here. Following an Oracle LMS screening, I'm now trying to convince Oracle that we're not (knowingly) using Advanced Security.
                  Both databases that Advanced Security was discovered on, are OWB repository databases.

                  When I connect using sqlplus to the database an run your query, no rows are returned. When I start OWB and run the query again 1 row is returned.

                  Hope you will follow up on this older topic and post the solution.