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    BPMN / Case Management / CRM tools and OPA

    Paul Fowler
      We were looking at some BPMN / Case Management tools for a POC. In short we already own a few licenses of Lombardi and decided to put OPA behind it.

      I was floored when Lombardi couldn't discover OPA web services. The problem is Lombardi's lack of support for all things standard in web services.

      But what other BPMN / Case Management / CRM tools have people successfully integrated with OPA even for a POC? Specifically what tools have been integrated with the OPA 10.x web service interfaces?

      Obviously Siebel works... Do people in this forum have any other experiences they can share?
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          Davin Fifield-Oracle
          Hi Paul, looks like you didn't get many takers from the crowd here.

          In general the following are known to work well for consuming OPA web services:
          * Oracle Fusion Middleware (of course)
          * PeopleSoft Tools
          * Custom .NET client applications
          * Tibco
          * IBM Websphere

          I'm sure there are many others that people have used in practice.

          The ones listed above are certified for various versions as being capable of consuming OPA web services. See slide 10 of the system requirements presentation, here:

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